#3: Don’t Mess With This Mama Bear [Video]

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  1. Obama’s antifa was allowed to destroy and pillage across the country and cause the death of people to include police officers. The demonrats never cried out for them to stop. In fact they encouraged them. This was a bonafide insurrection. Demonrats kept repeating FIGHT, FIGHT, FIGHT, NEVER STOP. IT IS their hysteria that caused the violence and deaths of five people at the Capital building. Not our beloved President Trump. The Demon rats have feared Trump’s popularity, charisma and power. They fear him. They always will. He has exposed their lies. One man against the swamp. They in the past fought to get an invitation to Trump Tower, a party given by Trump. He met so many politicians that way. The envy and jealousy got the better of all of them.

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