#3: Don’t Buy The Ted Cruz Story

It wasn’t a good look for Cruz, but don’t forget that Democratic politicians have screwed up in way worse ways and no one said a thing.

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  1. Double standards, as has been stated many times is the only standards the Marxists have. And if Cruz was a Democrat, you can bet that they would be covering for him, just like they did for all the Dem mayors and governors that thought themselves above the CV and lockdown rules they set for the ‘little people’.

    1. I look at all this as just another democratic way of getting people to be against Cruz instead of the so called “green new deal”. They are using him as a “scapegoat”. Personally, if I had a trip planned, there is no way I would cancel it and lose a lot of money by doing so, you better believe I would go ahead with my trip! What in the world do people think he could do about it anyway???

  2. Had Ted Cruz been a Democrat, who wouldn’t really be hearing about this. Who made an issue about Cruz escorting his daughters to Cancun, and then immediately returned. I am NOT a betting man, but if I did bet I would have odds of 9 to 1 that it was and IS the DEMS and FAKE NEWS behind the ruckus..

    1. That’s exactly what I said! The old double standard rears its ugly head yet again! If the Senator had been a democrat, they would be fawning all over him, and extolling his most excellent fatherhood techniques, and they would’ve rubbed our noses in it all for a long time! Give me a break! As long as there is a democrat party, we will never have a minutes peace…🤨

  3. If Cruz safely escorting his daughter across the Gulf is dereliction of duty during a crisis, how about Biden going on a long weekend vacation just a few days after his inauguration…so tired from signing all those E.O.s I guess. Never heard squat about that while the pandemic raged on and his cohorts were too busy trying fruitlessly to convict DJT. Double standard much? Hypocrisy much? Welcome to the NWO!

  4. Please give me a break, how many dems broke there own rules and laws. He did wrong an he admits it better the dems do. Did Ted Cruz really do anything wrong NO. No one said not to go there was not any law ageist him going. Look at your so call president, snow day, and he go to Texas An till it warms up. That a reel joke of president.

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