#3: DeSantis Goes NUCLEAR

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  1. LOOK: Gov Desantis has been a GOOD Gov as far as I can see, and I will vote for him again! The Establishment will only use anything and everything to have their way, including this! WHAT ABOUT STATES RIGHTS? This Federal Govt has run rough shod over this nation for too long!!

    1. You are correct and also the real reason this POS wants to do this to Florida is because a lot voted for TRUMP and this outstanding Gov is ALL FOR HIS STATE AND cannot be bought by the left

      1. Old Pelosi? She would be worse. They are all horrible, worthless, lying, power, money grubbing traitors. How did we get here? President Trump is still my president!!!

      2. With luck the plane would fly into PISSalocies house when she is there or her office at the capitol when ever she is screwing the Republicans.

    1. Correct or some one on the 14st bridge in DC by Ft McNair takes a RPG when the helicopter takes off. There always 2 one he is in the other is a Decoy Also your Idea is better

  2. DeSantis needs to go after Biden, sloppy Joe needs to account for the illegal aliens he has already allowed to come in this country without checking how many of them have Covid.

  3. Biden and Harris are not my President and Vice President. I’m doing what Ms. Clinton said to do the last election,she told the people to RESIST,and thats what I’m going to do!

  4. So, illegal aliens from Mexico, where the virus is a lot worse than anywhere in the U.S., are welcome; but, American Citizens from Florida are not?
    Biden’s a bigot…illegal aliens are ok, American citizens are not.

  5. I am so sick of these crazies, what ever happened to living and being happy that we are Americans. Hope the governor and the people of Florida stand up against these hair brains. Biden & his cohorts.

  6. What has happened to the true American ??? Hasn’t this political ballgame gone on enough ??? Politics are destroying this country and not a care about the lies that are being spread !!! It’s time that true Americans, not the foreign powers, have their say about this country !!! The ongoing impeachment is a sham !!! Can’t the taxes be used for Americans instead of the bull that’s going on – or giving it away to counties that deserve nothing !!! It’s your country so make the best of it – whether it’s lies or facts – stand up for the truth !!!

  7. I hope Governor De Santis files suit against Biden’s stupid notion that HE can say what state people can go to or leave! This is OUR country, we can go to any state we choose, this insanity has to stop! Biden the dictator needs to be taken out of office post haste! And file charges of insurrection against puppet master Obama and Soros!

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