#3: Derek Chauvin BOMBSHELL – Mistrial Announcement

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6 Responses

  1. Comply with officer and all is good. Run, shoot, stab, try to run over cop, get what you get.. people don’t realize that a cops life is on the line daily, marriages lost, kids games not being able to attend, friends killed in line of duty.. if you have a doubt about what is happening in that moment as a cop you may pay with your life… oh yeah there is no reset button to start game over.. one life to live.. let me see someone that is trying to kill me gets away with my life and goes to the next victim or time for action.. too bad criminal. If you can not handle that one, try working for a living instead once..

    1. Yep that is absolutely correct Michael. Do as you are ask or stay the hell out of trouble in the first place.

  2. None of this would have happened if there hadn’t been a reason to be stopped by a cop in the first place. Obey the laws and you do not get pulled over very simple.

    1. Cozycalico that is absolutely correct and if you do just do as you are ask and then you won’t have the kind of issues that thugs like him will have once they overdose in the first place to hide the drugs. He was a puke plain and simple.

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