#3: Democrats Don’t Want You To See This – Don Jr. Just Posted It

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3 Responses

  1. If the law abiding people who owns guns are made to give up their guns, the people that have security for themselves should be made to give up their too. They have defunded the police and they wouldn’t be able to help. These people are despicable and trying to ruin a wonderful country.

  2. Well you don’t need any kind of check to buy a knife, they are easy to hide, they don’t make ant noise on the down side you have to get close to use one, unless you are good at throwing one, you can only kill one person at a time but killing is wrong unless it is in self defense or war

  3. They are only trying to disarm the American people so that we have no defense when it comes down to a civil war in this country that they are creating but let it be known that they will not accomplish what they want and we the American people will make sure of that for the sake of our families and country that we love.

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