#3: China Makes SHOCK Decision – They Are Now…

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Redhead (@guest_394454)
20 days ago

I am so sick of all the talk, talk , talk and no action, everyone who has any common sense and who wants our Country to get back where it belong should go into the White House and clean it up, get all who doesn’t know what they are doing, get them out and put common sense people in, I’m sure you will say it isn’t that easy, well when would it be easy, Biden doesn’t give a damn, Kamala doesn’t give a damn, Pelosi is worst, then who is next, this could go on and on until the Taliban takes over the United States, they have enough of our weapons to do so and I expect they will as who we have for President doesn’t give a damn, because he loves the Taliban, that’s the reason he gave them all of our weapons.

ruth aldridge (@guest_391883)
26 days ago

Well it has continued in that communist country…..prayers for those in our country that think socialism is good, which leads to communism.  😂 

Nancy (@guest_391836)
26 days ago

Well take a good look and you will see just what you youngster have to look forward to once we are put by the Dems and Progressives under the rule of the New World Order

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