#3: Capitol Shooter Identify BOMBSHELL – Coverup Is Crumbling

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7 Responses

  1. General stuff I heard and or read, but no proof or credit that it is real or true.
    “Capital Cop was or is a Brazilian Immigrant, that he is a supporter of BLM, That he has claimed to wanting to shoot a Trump supporter.”

    The biggest problem is that High Tech. and the Media control what “WE THE PEOPLE” hear. They repeat the lies and falsehood so much that “WE THE PEOPLE” think it’s true. Why is Biden’s son still walking around a free man? Why was Joe not impeached back when he was a VP? Why is Harris aloud to funnel funds so BLM/Antifa get to walk, Yet the people of Jan. 6th are in jail and they did not murder anyone, they did not burn anything down.

  2. We can not believe or trust the current administration at all , everything is being vetted and or covered up . We The PEOPLE, need to start demanding answers and holding politicians accountable for their crimes !!!

  3. With the Democrats running a race based ponzi scheme, they are hopping for a complete war, and the destruction of the USA as we know. What I don’t understand is just why that We the citizens of the USA are going to let this happen?

  4. Look at the video they show on the news shows closely and you can see him come out from behind a pillow and he is a black officer. Check out his hands and wrist and they are of a black person. No this not a racial just facts.

  5. Cover-up by our Government. I do not believe that a woman scared this supposedly policeman so bad that he was scared for his life. Time to man up fella and own your actions that killed an unarmed person!!

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