#3: Bombshell Lawsuit STUNS Democrats – This Is Huge

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9 Responses

  1. You can bet that id Ashli Babbitt was black there would be calls to prosecute the officer who shot her for murdering a “peaceful protester”!

  2. Release the cops name too. No reason to kill anyone there.. it looked like a democrap inside job. All the suckers in trumps parade fell right into the trap.. it looked like the capital po po let them into the woke house… then allhellbroke loose. Great play piglosi..

  3. This is all you can expect from the current administration They have no love for the police, active military, or veterans who put their lives on the line for this country. The sad thing is–one day they will have a vast need for these people that they are abusing and trying to destroy. When that need is realized, it will be too late and these liberal jerks will go down and too late regret what they have done to these groups of people. Also, they will live to regret their part in destroying the Christian Religion and people. So goes the price of war in the big city.

    1. Make sure your voting in your district is fair and vote them all out. We need to have eyes everywhere when voting is happening.

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