#3: Biden Scandal EXPLODES – Over 13,000 Are…

Biden is keeping kids in cages.

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10 Responses

  1. Starts from the top this administration is a joke they don’t know what they’re doing they wanna prove that they know how to bring people into this country without even mitigating them for Covid or any other issues they may have criminally it is not that we want people to come into this country but in the right way vegetables grow up from the ground not from the presidency

  2. According to the Biden administration there is no crisis at the border, they are working the problem yeah if you believe that then pigs can fly what a bunch of liars they are, no crisis my foot wake up but if you try to smell the roses you have planted you may learn that they have come up stink weed instead

  3. DON’T BLAME US, WE VOTED FOR TRUMP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    THIS IS BIDENS AND HARRIS’S BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Not to sound heartless but we have our own children to care about with suicid and drug use up among our kids because democrats could care less, but they want us to pay for and take care of illegal alien children. Send them back to their own countries and let them take care of them. If the democrats don’t like that them off at the homes of the democrats starting with Biden, Harris, Pelosi and Shumerr. Any excess move them into the UN building in New York, it’s a worthless organization send the diplomatic people packing. Start carrying about our country and its citizens first —— MAGA not the rest of the world

    1. That’s right send them ALL back no one is trying to help our hungry,homeless etc,,,We should take care of our own They are not our responsibility!!! let them come in legally or not at all…

  5. This mess has been Biden, Harris, and pelosi, all along. Pelosi wanted to blame Trump, no way, Biden said if I win come on and break the law, I will let you, no problem.

    1. Pelosi is still trying to blame President Trump for the border crisis. But we all know Trump had the border under control. Biden is brain dead and is used as a puppet, Harris is a racist and she should have never been allowed to even run for office with her back ground of backing rioters. Pelosi lost her sanity years ago. Pelosi needs to pay attention to her dress, I swear she must make a whole lot more money than I do but she needs to have someone else dress her. We all know shes batty. But she needs to buy herself some good support garments and quit wearing that ugly red dress she wears. Her boobs are hanging to her waist and she wears that red dress. She actually looks like a true nut case. Then again it may not be her dress….lol

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