#3: Biden Is Already A Disaster

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10 Responses

  1. Well, Old Joe and the Ho will continue to screw things up unless somebody in government says ‘enough is enough’. They can hate Donald Trump as much as they want but when they start tearing down the good things the Trump administration accomplished regardless of how it affects the country… They are out of control insane. My suggestion is for each state Governor to write their own EO to deny every EO that makes no sense coming from Old Joe; hold their National Guard close to defend any and all incursion by Federal forces and wait until 2022.

  2. Joe Biden is a cognitively impaired old man that lies through his false teeth everyday. He never was a leader and never will be. He will be eaten alive by the leaders of Russia,China and North Korea. The world is laughing at him daily . He is incapable of making a decision on his own. Just invoke the 25th Amendment and spare the country of his incompetence and let Kamala step in. We will impeach her when we take the Senate in 2022 and then the Presidency in 2024.
    God Bless this great nation

  3. We have let ourselves get into this mess by letting the crooks control the election, this whole administration is a joke a sick joke

  4. Biden was a disaster for the 47 years he was in Congress. Biden was a disaster when he was just in the primaries for a presidential candidate. Biden was a disaster when he was the presidential candidate against a GREAT PRESIDENT TRUMP. Biden was/is a disaster now and forever will be.

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