#3: Biden Is A MASSIVE Hypocrite – He’s Just Been EXPOSED

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5 Responses

  1. We have only one law now. All democrats are free from any police investigation. Republicans are guilty…… no need for investigstions as king biden says you did it you did it… all to hail with king biden and gang

  2. Another example of the double standard which is alive and well in the Biden administration unfortunately

  3. The Democrat party no longer is trying to help the worker bees. Why do today’s Democratic voter place their votes for the corrupt, dishonest candidates?
    Today’s Left Wing voter is voting for such idiot candidates because daddy and grand-daddy and maybe great-grand-daddy did. The Democrat party no longer is trying to help the worker bees in this country, all they want is to collect graft every- where they can. The people who are now voting for Democrats listen to the biased mainstream media and refuse to get balanced information. They may think they are an informed voter but they are really a mis-informed voter.

  4. Justice is definitely a two tier system in this country. Hunter an admitted drug addict illegally bought a handgun. Lied on the ATF form . No problem. Lying Hillary, Obama her companions comprise as a minimum top secret information on he e mail. For which anyone else would have gone to prison for. Comey and company falsified government documents when they signed the four FISA warrants on Carter Page no jail time. Plus they lied to Congress! No jail time.

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