#3: Biden Declares War – It’s Happening

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12 Responses

  1. Silly me! I thought it was to protect Americans and America!
    This SecDef is issuing these orders to crews who were sailing the South China Seas last week!

    1. I shouldn’t even reply to McRant, but, he/she has a right to express themselves even it they are totally deceived.

  2. Great. Let’s escalate the crises with China and Russia. Throw in N Korea, too. And keep our troops in the idontgiveafukistan forever war.

  3. Biden, after the most fraudulent election in history, has become president.
    Problem is, he is too senile to rule as Commander in Chief.
    He is now in the process of doing everything wrong possible,
    opening up our Southern Border, Destroying the 10 Billion Dollar Keystone Pipeline and many other stupid things.
    We are going to see real problems develop in the next four years.

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