#3: Biden Caught Cheating – He Was Using….

They were never going to let him call on Fox…

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11 Responses

  1. Biden is one of the worst if not the worse president to ever be elected, this is pitiful for a man who is suppose to be the leader of the free world

  2. A cardboard cut out only. When you make it move its mouth it almost looks like a real president. Wow. Now i know why the wind blew him over on the stairs. Imagine what other countries are really thinking about king biden and crew

  3. We knew that he wouldn’t last long when they stole the election. He isn’t mentally or physically stable enough to be president. What is coming next is even worse and most of us know it. America is being destroyed from within and they are going to get us in war on our own shores if they aren’t stopped soon. It’s absolutely despicable what they are doing.

  4. Lets go back to Obama and all his treason back in 2016 to start with come on America where is justice in this country anymore

  5. Biden is treated like a little baby boy by the MSM. He is given the questions and answer ahead of time and everything is written down so he can read it either off a cheat sheet or a teleprompter. He is a useless puppet used by Obama sitting in his house 2 miles from the White House pulling Bidens strings. It is sickening to see a president this feeble minded and useless.

  6. Biden is a joke and the world knitting. Theyre laughing at us and not will to even meet with the Biden administration! Horrible!!

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