#3: Biden Announces More Gun Control – Nice Try Buddy


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18 Responses

  1. King Biden I hate to break this to you but the only entity responsible for killing a person with a gun is the person pulling the trigger on the gun. NO ONE ELSE!!! And if you think you are going to take away our second amendment “think again”. Again NICE TRY!!!!

  2. i believe we need to remove all manner of weapons from politicians.
    particularly democrats. any and all body guards.
    i believe the national guard should be sent home ASAP. they sit in DC
    doing nothing at 7 million dollars A DAY to the taxpayers. they have
    family, kids, jobs, so send them home.
    force pelosi to fess up what she did or intentionally did not do back to
    january 6 or earlier – in full. if she still fails to confess – JAIL her.
    i believe biden is a total loser and should be impeached. like so many
    of his pals he spent over 35 years in the DC SWAMP and accomplished
    nothing. he was the little swap mascot is all. a total LOSER

    There are over 200 million legal gun owners. Who’s gonna take them? C’mon, man. Let Robert Francis do it by himself. Start with Texas. We can’t wait.

  4. Remmington is gone, Colt just got bought by a overseas company. Brick by brick the left is tearing down the gun manufacturing companies in the

    US. Who will manufacture the weapons for the next war?

  5. HidenBiden needs to rea He would rapidly cease & desist all attempts to disarm Americans!!!d the history of the Revolution from the English Empire!

  6. biden/harris need to be jailed and tried for treason. The second amendment allows me to own a weapon and you democrats try and get it……

  7. It is estimated that there are about 400 million firearms in civilian hands in the USA . There are about 15 million hunters in the USA , about the same number of voters who voted for Biden. A few years ago it was Biden who said if somebody is threating you, go out on the porch with a shotgun and let a few go. Biden wants to disarm us, lotsa luck. An execuitive order will not void the 2nd amendment.

  8. When they hold all manufacturers of any product liable for any mis-use or accident resulting in an injury or death liable for their product, then they should be able to hold gun manufacturers to the same and equal penalty. The auto industry should especially be considered since auto’s account probably for the majority of accidental deaths. Knife companies, axe, hammers, power equipment like chain saws, drills, ice pick, shovels, picks, bats, the list is endless. All should be held liable under this insane intent to outlaw all gun manufacturers and hold them responsible for the action of accidental shootings, gang crimes, criminal intent crimes, get rid of your spouse crimes, shoot the dangerous neighbor’s dog and maybe the retaliating neighbor crimes, etc. How many law abiding NRA people were ever involved in these heinous shootings? Maybe we need to take guns away from the cops and military soldiers..take Biden’s advice only allow shotguns (that makes sense) nobody ever gets killed or injured with a shotgun. …The logic is “If you take all the guns away from all the people, nobody gets shot” Excepting victims from gang violence and people that don’t follow the ‘law’. The insanity and illogical approach to the problem by supposedly intelligent people simply ignores plain common sense and past lessons.

  9. I have a couple of guns and every American should have at least one gun so you can protect your belongings and your home/life!! With all the riots and gangs causing all kinds of disruptions and stealing things and burning down things – you darned better have a gun to protect yourself!!

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