#3: Apparently, Biden Is Cool With Killing Seniors

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  1. Psaki if your grandparents are still alive I feel sorry for them, you should be ashamed, what if that was one of them and you lost that grandparent think how all these families feel losing a loved one and because your president doesn’t care that the governor of new yak didn’t give a thought as to how sending Covid patients to nursing homes weren’t going to effect those seniors where over 6000+ elderly people died as a result of his stupidity and lack of using his brain! As far as I’m concerned your President is culpable in cuomos murders! Cuomo need to resign he is a disgrace!

  2. Give me a break the government has not cared for the seniors for a long time why start now.The President of the United States doesn’t even care about the Americans why would he care about the seniors.But then none of the Dems.care about America or the American people ,they have already proved that.

  3. That is “BLACK CULTURE” shining thru!!!!! Catering to BLACKs is the US’s biggest problem, not Biden though he is definitely a problem!

    If there has been interference in the US since 2018 it has ben by GLORIFYING the swamp known as “Black Culture”

  4. Sleepy Joe needs to remember, that he is also already OLD & so is nasty Nancy & many of the other ones in the White House!

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