#3: Americans In Serious Trouble – 71% Are Out…

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7 Responses

  1. The liberal dems haven’t figured out how to tie this to
    Trump so nothing is being said by there liberal media voice.

  2. It took the liberal agenda ) Biden snd Harris 4 months to destroy the USA!!
    No gas, bORDER CHAOS, WAR IN THE MIDDLE EAST AGAIN , and all they are talking about is white supremacy???????
    Same ole tired corrupt crony’s running the WH Again all Obama’s henchmen!!!!!

    1. Biden-Harris and Handler’s need to be Impeached and Removed from our White House and Capitol Immediately. They Rigged and Stole our Election of 2020. There’s more evidence to support this is true. It’s past time for them to be Removed. They have done Absolutely Nothing but Destroying our Country.
      Please put the Rightful President in Office Now. Our Beloved President Trump.

    2. And they want to disarm us like Hitler did…And I am a retired Police Officer and responsible and respectable citizen and believe in God!!!

  3. Fight domestic terrorism
    You can’t hide in a basement and win an election
    Unless……it’s already fixed……..
    Fight domestic terrorism!!!!!!

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