#3: All Hell Breaks Loose – It’s Happening Now

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8 Responses

  1. This is the democratic way of handling everything.you dont hear a word from washington Democrats when its these people doing all this violence not a word.pathetic at its worst.and no one is stopping these evil thugs.

  2. Antifa, BLM and other radical groups need to be stopped, their actions are doing nothing to make this country better, all they want to do is riot and destroy things, and what are the governors and mayors doing to stop this destruction, defund the police and put the money in to social programs which we can see isn’t working this is sick

  3. Sorry Folks, but if Antifa, BLM, or whom ever wants to resort to violence to the point that they are endangering human life they need to be shot on the spot and not show sympathy by rioting for their loss later. They are so ready to criticize our law enforcement officers rather than the culprits. I would not want to live in an area that did not have law enforcement. I believe these riots are done strictly because it gives them the opportunity to steal anything they want.

  4. What a bunch of worthless trash. This has nothing to do with racial anything. It is about stealing and trashing businesses. And I sure did not see some of this scum driving old cars. Did any of you. The owners of these businesses need to stand there ground at the doors when these A**holes come thru the door and maybe a few not being able to leave would give the others the idea that it was not ok to steal and trash their businesses.

    1. Absolutely right. Personally, if I were being attacked by a bunch of hoodlums who had penned me up in a building (illegal confinement) and then started to burn down the building I was in (attempted murder), I think I’d resort to REAL bullets as opposed to “crowd control munitions”, the object there being to permanently stop the attack and attempted murder by the mob of hoodlums.

  5. They best come up with an answer. They should have started at the beginning when few people were doing this.
    they need knocked on there butts.

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