21 States suing Biden over Keystone pipeline permit cancelation

A coalition of 21 states just sued President Joe Biden for his decision to revoke a crucial permit for the Keystone XL oil pipeline, according to a report in The Hill.

The states are led by Texas and Montana who have argued that revoking the border crossing permit for the pipeline is a “regulation of interstate and international commerce” that must be left to Congress. 

The states’ Republican attorney generals went on to make the case that Biden changing the permit status constitutes overreach on the part of the Executive Branch of government, saying that the decision was arbitrary and capricious.

“Cabinet Defendants’ actions … have the possibility of depriving States and local governments of millions of dollars in revenues. Yet, far from providing a reasoned explanation for why they are taking their actions, they have not provided any reason at all,” the suit states.

Montana Attorney General Austin Knudsen (R) went so far as to call Biden’s decision to cancel the permit “an empty virtue signal to his wealthy coastal elite donors.”

“The power to regulate foreign and interstate commerce belongs to Congress – not the President. This is another example of Joe Biden overstepping his constitutional role to the detriment of Montanans,” he added.

When requesting comment, The Hill was referred by a White House spokesperson to a Department of Justice spokesperson, who didn’t immediately respond for comment. 

While it’s difficult to imagine an administration short-sighted enough to completely alienate an industry as big and influential as the oil field, it’s not lost on conservatives that the states most affected by the oil industry are predominately “red” states

Knudsen’s assertion that the Biden administration could be pandering to the “limousine liberals” who don’t have a firm grasp on what the oil industry does for the country could be the sad reality we’re left to contend with for the next 3 ¾ years. 

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  1. The states need to have the power to void acts of congress and the President. The states created the federal govenment
    and should have the power to control it. The decision on constitutionallity should be in the hands of the states. A rigorous
    reading of the constitution would put constitutionallity in the hands of the states but the Marbury vs. Madison desicion
    usurped the constitution and the Supreme Court gave itself the power to determine constitutionallity. No one objected so
    now it is accepted. Not be me. I have no influance.

    The suggestions offered here would redress the imbalance between the states and the federal government.

  2. Someone needs to stop that idiot before we are completely done in. The have don away with every thing decent and good.l Now Harris wants to do away with the Veterans and all the veterans medical and everything She says they need to stand on both legs and take care of themselves. Does she not know that a whole lot of the Veterans do not have limbs.l

  3. Everything that man has done should be overturned….. President Trump did so much good for the legal citizens of the USA and a lot for people of the world… there were many times he should have spoken in a different way, but at least he wasn’t mumbling and bumbling….
    The whole nasty bullying admin needs to go…….

  4. Look up Dr Jonathan Hockett Law Professor Cornell University and the true author of the Green New Deal (GND). He was on Tucker and freely admitted:
    (Next page)

  5. Biden is just following the NWO agenda goals of RUINING America ! He blatantly couldn’t care less about America , being the criminal he obviously is !

  6. OK BIG OIL, give them a lesson they will remember. Cut down the oil and gas and gasoline that is supplied to the northeast and California, Oregon and Washington. See to it that the products that oil is used to make are not supplied to them. They will wake up soon.

  7. President Harris & Vice President Pelosi, Along with Schumer & Bidden skirt huggers are going to get the KKK ( United States) ready to excute them!!!!! They keep putting most of America in jbrudy, loss of jobs & keep bring in Illegals’ against what true voters not fabricated once want. They think all the rioting they paid for & the ones who are suing them because they haven’t paid them yet was bad they have a lot more coming!!!!!!!!!!

  8. The keystone XL pipeline helped to make us energy independent and provided skilled jobs for thousands of workers. It was part of Biden’s efforts to force the USA to lose our energy
    Independence snd then force us to buy high priced foreign oil from his favored countries. This makes us dependent on other foreign countries that our not our friends. Notice the price jump at the pump ?

  9. Please understand once and for always … The “Post Turtle” does nothing more or less than Barry and Nancy direct. When I watched him sit down in front of the world with a huge pile of leather bound bulls__t loaded documents, I thought I’d barf. The look of bewilderment was blatantly obvious. I must congratulate the idiot for finding the pens.
    Everything is imploding because this all about a Barry driven Trump Vendetta.
    And did anyone watch the joke in Alaska yesterday with the Chinese? We have pathetic leadership.
    My very best wishes to the 21 states and the Keystone issue. That one was all about political payback to the Oracle of Omaha and his railroad.
    God help us.


  11. Somebody needs to tell Biden that he is not Adolf Hitler . Biden needs to start doing his job , Biden is not keeping his OATH, and he is Destroying the Constitution.

      1. That is correct, he just does what his handlers tell him! Handlers are Piglosi, Obumer, Schumer and Soros!

    1. To : Good luck !!

      To a lot of us, Biden IS doing his job !!!
      He promised to reverse President Trump’s agenda, open borders to allow invaders from the whole world to come here and get all kind of benefits, he promised to destroy millions of jobs by his “ green new deal “ , to raise our taxes, etc
      This is exactly what he’s doing !!!
      As for keeping his “ oath” … that’s just a formality for them, the marxists, nothing to worry about .
      He’s not Hitler , you’re saying???
      Yeh, but that doesn’t mean he can’t do exactly what Hitler did !!!!!

    2. Oh, how much I agree with you. He is so out of step with America (as are all the Democrats). that it is unbelievable!!! Bringing those illegal immigrants in without being checked. How many more Americans does he want to kill? Republicans, get a backbone and do something!!!!

  12. I agree 101% but if it goes to Congress it will be shot down there as well. There’s no wining with this administration. It’s gonna be the longest 3 and 3 quarters years of my life.

    1. There’s no reason they can’t start impeachment proceedings against Biden and Harris. They wasted no time starting with President Trump on both occasions. But they just keep standing by letting get away with all these illegal things I don’t understand it. Their destroying The United States 🇺🇸

      1. it is about time the republicans grow a pair and do something they just sit by and let the dem,s run all over them if the gop doesn.t do better they will never be in office

        1. And it’ll be even longer if something isn’t done about the crooked voting system they’ve shoved down our throats, ruining this country with a pack of desperate, lying, thieving, amateurs in all branches. Who would ever think China would be controlling our voter outcome.

          1. stop paying off the judges and they wont get away with so much the judges are as crooked and the rest of the Dem’s

      2. WE have no republicans with enough balls to start the procedures or the don’t know how. This was true for the last four years. Trump gave them the opportunity to get rid of the corruption and they sat on the behinds and didn’t do a damn thing. Now they want money to do their jobs. We will never have a Trump again to help us and the democrats will prevail at every turn.

      3. I too hope they are impeached, but that would bring “Nancy The Ripper” as the President. Hopefully she will be gone.

    2. You’re being an optimist , Pattie !!!

      Only 3 and 3 quarters yrs ??
      How about adding another 8 yrs for whomever the next marxists will be “ chosen” for the WH ???
      Do you really think they will just “ give up” power and control any time soon???
      I’m only saying that this is what it looks like since they managed to steal the votes in Nov …
      The question is , would we still have anything left of our country 3 yrs from now ?

      1. I agree with you we won’t have a country in 3 years or 1. Were loosing are country now they want to make us like China where a hand full of people tell what we can say and think. I think we should have have another vote next year to see who really wins

    3. You’re being an optimist , Pattie !!!

      Only 3 and 3 quarters yrs ??
      How about adding another 8 yrs for whomever the next marxists will be “ chosen” for the WH ???
      Do you really think they will just “ give up” power and control any time soon???
      The question is , would we still have anything left of our country 3 yrs from now ?

  13. I think it is great some of our states are fighting Biden. We are a republic and to me anything that affects my state I should have a right to vote on it. I can’t believe the governors along our southern border with Mexico have not done the same. After all Quomo restricted movement into New York using covid restrictions. Why is that not something all the governors along the border could do. IT’S TIME FOR OUR STATES TO WAKE UP TO THE FACT THAT WE ARE A REPUBLIC AND START INSISTING ON THEIR RIGHTS.

    1. We the people are the voters, WHY are we left out, WE should have the say so, Not these clown,s stealing we the people,s money. This is like Hitler over taking the country I came from and blowing things up, these idiots better be care full, before someone looses it, and they get blow up, is that why the fence and wire is up, they are pushing every body to far and they will get what is coming to them. BULLY S NEVER WIN.

        1. Of course he wants to make sure that the great paying jobs of the Keystone Pipeline get replaced with with the $15.00 per hour jobs that AOC and the Biden Admin are going to give to us all!
          Can’t wait!

      1. you don’t want to be posting anything about blowing something up the wire fence will never come down and they will come after you for saying it you maybe mad but think before you type

    2. After they win this they will have to sue to start up fracking again.

      Hey did you hear the earths temperature rose .33 degrees last year due to the decrease in COW because the factories were shut down and people were not driving due to covid. yup temperatures went up! That is the opposite of man made global warming. that has to tick off the stupid liberals / democrats / environmentalist.

      you know what else!!! NASA and NOAA did a study and found that solar farms contribute to global warming. Yup those beloved solar panels cause global warming.

      Think any of the liberals / democrats/ environmentalists will follow the science and stop being stupid? My bet is on NO they are permanently stupid.

      Environmentalist bake 25,000 spotted owls a year with their forest management practices.

      when they said they love the spotted owl i misunderstood! i did not know they mean: ” they love spotted owl to eat.”

      1. Yes Beijing Biden, the Crime Family Patriarch is the biggest joke of the century!
        The man is the biggest hypocrite and liar that this government has ever seen!

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