2024 ALERT: Trump’s Save America PAC boasts $85M cash on hand ahead of key election cycles

As speculation continues to build over the future direction of the Republican Party, it has become evident that former President Donald Trump is not likely to exit the political stage anytime soon, though his precise plans remain unknown.

Fox News reports that Trump’s Save America PAC, formed immediately after the November election, already has $85 million cash on hand and is poised to have a significant influence on not just the 2022 midterm elections, but also the 2024 presidential stakes.

It is believed that the massive fundraising haul will be put to work recruiting and assisting Republican candidates nationwide in a push to reclaim the House and/or Senate majorities in the next election cycle. Politico reported back in February that the PAC kicked off 2021 with upwards of $31.2 million in its coffers.

As Fox News noted, following last year’s highly controversial presidential contest, former Trump campaign communications chief Tim Murtaugh explained that Trump “always planned to [engage in fundraising], win or lose, so he can support candidates and issues he cares about, such as combating voter fraud.”

Politico noted earlier this year that while Trump is prevented from spending PAC funds directly on any future campaign he may personally launch, he is free to use it as a way to influence the the composition of the Republican field of candidates in the coming years, pay travel expenses, and compensate political advisers.

Republican consultant Rob Stutzman explained at the time, “The more money {Trump stacks up in his committee, the greater his grip will remain on many elected Republicans who will fear those resources could be turned against them.”

It remains unclear whether the former president will be content to serve as a kingmaker within the GOP, or if he has designs on retaking the Oval Office. Speaking at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in February, he appeared to tease a possible run by stating, “I may even decide to beat [the Democrats] for a third time.”

Trump and his base have been at loggerheads with the more moderate wing of the GOP for quite some time, and many have speculated as to whether such divergent factions will be able to unite behind a message, let alone a presidential candidate ahead of the 2024 race. However, this week’s launch by former Vice President Mike Pence – with Trump’s expressed support – of a political advocacy group designed to build a “broader coalition” among conservatives does offer some reason for optimism.

Regardless of whether Trump decides to re-enter the political fray as a candidate or otherwise, armed with the impressive financial resources he has amassed to date, the former president – and the legions of Americans who support him – will clearly be forces with which the Republican Party must reckon.