#2: Voter ID BOMBSHELL – The Left Is LYING To You

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7 Responses

  1. Just another democratic racist statement , to imply that blacks are to stupid to get an I D is putting them back in place , about 200 years . You’ve been suckered again .

  2. Looks like democrats don’t like black folks. Only whitie is good enough for a stupid ball game. Mostly blacks in atlanta mostly white in denver… i can see clearly now the democrat are in favor of whites only baseball. And the baseball league is with them now……..

    1. Heard the real number of l L L E G @ L S currently l N the U S is abt 22 mil. & the J 0 – H 0 @ D M l N is 0pting for @mnesty for them aII. The dim-o-hips wiII [email protected] enough w/ 22 mil new V 0 T E R S to keep them in p0wer 4-ever. With @mnesty, the ill-eagles don’t have to go thru learning [email protected] on U S history/govt. That was the point, e-nuff un-ed-u-ca-ted v0ters, so now c0mpIeting the [email protected] is no big deal, nor is a Ko-Ho trip to the b0rder.

  3. Well now isn’t that interesting I guess the left don’t like it because Ga is trying to correct any problems with the last election

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