#2: Veterans Are FURIOUS – This Is So Wrong

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12 Responses

  1. This stinks to high heaven, a slap in the face to all veterans who in a lot of cases put their lives on the line to defend this nation, Biden is with out a doubt the worst president this nation has ever had, he lets illegals in, let them vote, and give them money all of this is wrong dead wrong as a veteran I am totally discussed with this administration

  2. It just goes to show you how corrupt and unjust the current Biden Administration is. Commonsense would dictate that you take care of your own before you take care of illegal aliens many of which are rapists, murders, etc. that are not checked for the coronavirus. Therefore, Joe Biden is in violation of his oath of office he was required to swear to uphold the Constitution of the United States in order to protect the American Citizens. He must be insane and needs to be removed from office ASAP

  3. I categorically agree with all of the folks that commented above 110%!! I would have commented myself but when I think about Bite-Me and the Communist democrat party, I start using language that most sites/blogs I have posted on cancel me right out, as I have nothing but the worst to say about anyone that is part of the aforementioned.

  4. Our veterans deserve the best and most help. They have earned it. Illegals have earned nothing and should get nothing. Take the time and come legally and you are most welcome but not if you don’t follow the rules.Rules are in place for a very good reason so follow them and your life will be much better.

    1. I agree with you all the way, but how does it get any better than free everything money on top of that? That is exactly what our military people deserve, NOT the illegal aliens. They are just here to take what they can get from Americans.

  5. NY wants to give illegals 15K in relief, but our homeless veterans are not eligible. There is something wrong. Illegals should only be eligible for deportation. If NY is using government funds they should be charged with misappropriation of government funds and have to repay it

  6. Its time to close the pocket book on the Whitehouse. The Seniors, Disabled and Veterans are on the bottom of the list to help anyone. 65% of seniors live below poverty level and a lot of them a still work and no matter what they make they cannot raise their social security payments, Yet the economy goes up but they are at a level they cant even afford to rent a subsidized apt. Its sick and Biden sends criminal stimulus checks in prison and expect the American People to pay for his immigration disaster, Biden and his Administration have broken their Oath of Office “To Serve and Protect” this Nation and Most of all Out CONSTITUTION. He has done everything but what he vowed to do. He’s a Traitor to this country as well as his Administration and they need to be Impeached for Treason.

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