#2: U.S. Opens Fire – Two Dead In Engagement


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Manny (@guest_387713)
1 month ago

I’m not thoroughly convinced that the Taliban won’t try to keep back some American citizens, so they can have a beheading to claim their victory over America. They want to show the world they outdid the United States mighty war machine. Something will happen before it’s over.

Denise Wilson (@guest_387690)
1 month ago

So heartbreaking! I feel for the Afghan people. Biden has been missing in action when he should be front and center.

Nancy (@guest_387758)
Reply to  Denise Wilson
1 month ago

Biden is a idiot and apparently they have not been able to get their stories together well enough to lye their way out of this Bull Sh** that they have created yet. So all of the administration is in hiding until they all recite the same BS story to the media so that they can circulate it to the dummies that voted for them.

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