#2: Two Days In – Joe GIVES UP

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  1. Any one with good sense, would know Biden either was lying or didn’t know anything he could do , for the comed 19.after all our president Trump (at that time ) knew he was doing all that we could do ,Biden just ,told the haters, of Trump a lie . and his Science buddy lied, he did not like Trump so he was in agreement with Joe , now we have a president that as the old saying goes ( doesn’t know his a!! From a whole in the ground)

  2. And we are back with WHO who only wants a bunch of American money which Fauci has his
    hands in along with China. So the China virus is let loose in the world and Biden is going
    to be buddies with them and WHO

  3. If this guy is breathing….. question every breath. He has no direction. I wish they could get that vaccine out and into people as quick as they jumped on trump. Never saw anything in govt. ever go this fast. Too bad they have all the wrong issue they are dealing with. Get this economy going a holes.

  4. There you go. Says one thing to get elected and then says something else once in office. A typical democrat move. Remember Nancy Pelosi and Obama Gate “We have to sign the bill in order to read the bill”. And everyone signed. So typical.

  5. Can’t believe people were stupid enough to believe a word out of Bidens mouth!!! What idiots!! And now we all have to pay for it!!!!

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