#2: Trump Stuns Media – Mike Pence Is…

We said it here days ago – Mike Pence and Donald Trump are a team. Like any good team, they have differences, but they’re in this fight together.

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    1. Yep. Trump was purposefully misguided in his picks for most of his cabinet appointments, and his VP choice. As difficult as the primary was, Cruz should have been VP

  1. pence is a politcian will do what ever the rest say . no back bone in the republican party . anybody thats wants to be president ( in the constitution ) that is an outsider will have to go through what Trump went through . thats the message they sent . outsiders are not welcome unless you fall in line .Mr Trump would not do that . the demorats are nasty people there hatred for American people is ( can’t find a word for it )

    1. To be at home in Washington one musta snake, not a man. snakes crawl at night whereas real men walk upright it the light.

    1. Absolutely, few Dems, their Media cronies and most certainly high tech would be at GITMO if the laws were upheld . Some even qualify to a firing squad.
      God guard us from this pit of Evil.

  2. Quit putting words in other peoples mouth. That is the problem with the media. They print and say what they want everyone to believe, not what was actually said.

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