#2: Trump STEPS UP – Media FURIOUS

This is good Trump. If he had made this speech before the march, the world would be talking about voter fraud, not the invasion of the U.S. Capitol Building.

But now that he has done the right thing, can the media continue to pretend that he’s running some sort of coup?

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  1. 754991 876365Id should verify with you here. Which isnt something I often do! I enjoy studying a publish that can make folks think. Also, thanks for permitting me to remark! 497205

  2. President Trump is the best President we have ever had and now the crooked, corrupt, immoral congress and senate have made our constitution a joke. Nothing but corruption and many politicians, lobbyists, China, Russia has taken over our America and it is going to get worse. Unless, we grow some guts and vote the democrat representatives out of office and change the senate ( including Rhinos).
    How can our government be so damn corrupt lining their pockets with Satan’s money and not give it a second thought. People , please drop Twitter, Facebook (sign up to Parler), and do not spend any frivolous money during this sinful and disgustingly corrupt Biden term. The Democrats have a plan to replace Biden shortly as he shows all the signs of Dementia and they have once again been lying to the public. Harris is a corrupt, smug, deceitful person who has (shall we say ) worked her way up the ladder. Republicans need to stop being so complacent and start a replacement for Facebook, Twitter, etc. where are the billionaire leaders of our party?? WHERE? We need you now!!

  3. As a Dutchie i have no clue about American politics Bút ONE THING I KNOW, BEST POTUS EVER , AND STAY IN OUR HEARTS The TRUMP. WW POTUS ánd a BIG SHAME how those demoNcRATS Treath THIS PATRIOT and GREAT MAN, I saw on tv those riots and ofcourse , TRUMP TO BLAME, LMAO. No way, Antifa ánd Blm on payrol from scum soros and accord by senile biden , TRUMP NOT ON TWITTER, ……………..Go to méwé and vk dear POTUS U Can react what u want, I DO TOO. MAGA2020 .

  4. If President Trump steps down or is removed before the end of his term, Does that make Pelosi VP? And in that case is she no longer a member of the House? and on January 20th she would be sent home to california!! Just thinking out loud. Hooray President Trump. Like I said Just thinking

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  6. Trump is also my President and always will be. Biden might be the man in the White House it doesn’t mean a thing to me. But people better wake up and soon because change is in the air. And it ‘s not good. The election was stolen from Trump and are freedom is at risk. They used the lock downs and anything they could so they won’t stop to use anything they can. They wanted power no matter what and they always seem to get away with it. The deep state is strong so we have to be stronger. God Bless America and the people in it.

  7. Mr. Trump could not have instigated the violence as his speech ended at 1 pm, it takes thirty minutes to walk from the Ellipse to the Capitol Bldg., the riot started at 1:15 pm. That said, IF he’s backed down the teeniest-tiniest bit in his speech from his stance that there WAS serious voter fraud in the 2020 election, his supporters would have been severely disappointed. (I would.) I am waiting to see if there will be a whitewash, or an investigation will disclose who, truly, started the B&E to the Capitol Bldg., thus the rioting, regardless of who-all wandered inside.


  8. President Trump will always be my President. This world better wake up. The next 4 years are going to be a nightmare. If a guy from Silicone Valley can take away the voice of the President of the United States then your voice doesn’t matter either.
    But as they said on Newsmax , Trumpism is here to STAY

  9. President Trump is the greatest president of all times the length the Democratic Party went to to try to get him out of office proves he never sold Americans out he will go down as the people’s beloved President and when the military gets balls to lock people up for treason against The U S then things will change. God is still on the throne and Trump is still President Much love Sir

    1. Yes, a million times , YES !!!!
      President Trump is the best President America ever had , except for Reagan !!
      He is a big patriot and a wonderful human been!!!!
      God Bless our country and may God protect our country, President Trump and his family !!!!

      1. It would be kinda nice if we could have as many supporters sign a thank you and a fare well to Donald trump, the greatest president of all time! How does one get that started?

        1. Go to Whitehouse.gov and click the link for message to the President ( or something similar to that). You can write your message there if it is still available. I have used it on numerous occasions and have gotten a nice e-mail response back

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