#2: Trump Impeachment Shocker

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  1. So, why can’t my thoughts be printed, why are they automatically erased? Are they to flamitory, or too truthful? If you will not allow me to say what I desire, w/respect and desire for people to KNOW the TRUTH, the GOSPEL TRUTH, that’s a choice I have already made, so…I’ll leave if that is what you desire. Keep in mind that TRUTH is found in JESUS CHRIST not in mankind! Romans 3:23, 6:23 KJV

  2. Look how out of control these democrat people are. Any way or means to get rid of trump. We have a new reality tv show here. THE WHITE HOUSE REALITY TV SHOW. introducing king biden and the gang. Let us pull up some old clips and put them together. On biden alone would be best seller.. Time to change the channel and block it off the tv.

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