#2: Trump CANNOT Follow This Advice – Red Alert

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13 Responses

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  3. It’s not a matter of “the will of the people” it is a matter of the “elitists” picking and choosing who has what power and they believe we “the people” are too dumb to vote.
    Communism 101.

  4. Pray as God is still in control, and don’t let hate fill you as Pelosi has, bitterness will do the same. Having faith and trust that the God Almighty who created the earth, heaven, stars, and all the rest is still in control, Jesus is my Savior and I have to trust in Him, and the Holy Spirit to guide me. I am 87 and think that stealing had begun in California, and places that harvest and allow mail in voting. Now when I worked and that has been almost 10 years, we had a book for them to sign and we had to check if address etc was correct before giving a ballot for them to fill out, not I am handicapped and vote but I have to sign my Absentee ballot as I don’t have a car and cannot walk to the place where I would have to vote. GOD BLESS THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

  5. Oh, the irony of the leftist radicalized idiots; they have NO clue what awaits them, nor does the lamestream media propaganda machine – – -just a few more days; hang on folks, it will be a rough ride and everything will be worse before it’s better, but keep the faith. God and President Trump are in control of what happens next!

    Laughably, FB has suspended my account for the next 3 days because my “comments are not acceptable to their community (communist) guide lines”. Do I give a ratsazz? Oh, HELL NO; I’m sitting here, laughing about the prospect of what’s coming next. Frankly, I’m surprised FB hasn’t suspended my account permanently, long before this. I simply speak truth and fact and they hate it!

  6. God says,the earth is the Lord and the fullness thereof.I wait for His decision.Donald J Trump is the President of the USA for four more years

  7. Why is Nancy Pelosi so consumed with rage and hate for President Trump? Because she knows if he ever got back in office, he would crucify her for her corruption all these years! She likes that “extra” money she’s accumulated for years!

    1. I disagree with you Delores. She has more than enough money. This woman is a sociopath and she loves being in complete control of the nation. Ovomit let her have her way, he encouraged her but Trump just blew in her face and took her on. As a psychopath she can not tolerate the challenge to her authority. This is what it is about; she genuinely deludes herself that she is The One and until people understand that they will continue to have to bow and scrape to her. This is evidenced in her behavior and her ability to single handedly change the United States into a frenzy and a culture we no longer recognize. Pelosi herself is responsible for every death, family trauma, everything and she dances, screeches and parties while America’s heart fractures, we are confused, tormented and wonder how we have such a wonderful president yet our people cry out to God for the answer, but he seems not to hear!


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