#2: Trump 2024 Numbers STUN Biden – Wow

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  1. Why now, is Valerie Jarrett coming out with the truth about the DemoRATs who did rig the 2020 election? If only she would have told a reliable someone about it before the election, then we would have had Trump the winner!

  2. I agree with Gjc and Michael Dowling. This election was rigged and our country is being destroyed because of the unfit persons that is leading us to destruction. Pelosi had this all planed with her demand for mail-in ballots. I cannot believe that the states upheld the crookedness that took place, even 3 days after the voting was over. These states should be ashamed of themselves. They are Democrat states, so I guess that explains it. I pray God will help us all, because we will need his help to see us through this time.

    1. First of all voting by mail should be banned! Only voting in person should be allowed! Of course showing ID with photo on spot should be a must! Who made it possible to vote without showing driver’s license? I am asking just for records, but prosecutors should investigate this and punish this person or group of our enemies! US is the only country in the world, where such a ridiculous and dangerous for democracy thing is possible!

  3. Very sad state of affairs, the cheating that went on in the 2020 election, all we can do is hope and pray that it never happens again

    1. Do not just Hope, get involved. Get petitions and signatures to vote out the bad. Vote for short terms in Government.

  4. everyone in the mainstream media is in on the biden game. they know he is several bricks shy of a full load, but are acting like the children’s fairy tale, the King with no clothes. this has been in the works since 2016, when the upstart, Donald Trump, was more popular than the Obama successor, H. Clinton. the votes were rigged then, but the demon rats misjudged how much Ms. Clinton was disliked, and that is why they had to wait four more years to install a communistic government. the signs were there, we didn’t see them. Valerie Jarrett, who lives with the obamas, just two short miles from the Whitehouse, told us in May 2020 how the steal was going to occur. she said they had “civic cities” across the U.S. who were being prepped to cheat the election. the article is out there if you look. Joe Biden himself said he had the most widespread network of cheaters in political history, or words to that effect. we wrote it off as another “gaffe”, but it was the most truthful thing the man had said all year. he also said he didn’t need voters to put him in office, at another 2 person rally he held. again, overlooked. the icing on the cake was Obama himself, who said he would like to set up a shadow government, so he could sit in his basement and give orders to the “mouthpiece” through an earpiece, and not have to be in front of the world. they told us people!!!!!! we didn’t hear them. Now we wish we had.

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