#2: Top Liberal EXPOSED – Total FRAUD

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8 Responses

  1. Some people want everything given, they don’t want to work for anything. It isn’t just black, brown, white, or yellow. It has to do how you are raised, a lot of people are brought up to work and earn money, and respect. The other way is they think we owe them, wrong, my heritage did not own slaves, doubt there are many.

  2. Nothing new ! Look at the statistics. They are their own worst enemy. And it all goes all the way back to the fact that the first slave owner was a BLACK !!! The preachers are among the worst…..stealing in the name of the Lord.

    1. Yes and here’s the funniest part if a white person places their hand on a white piece of paper are they really white same for a black hand on a piece of black paper is it a match NO. All religious organizations sell one thing GUILT and then ask for payment to save us. We need to get our money returned. They pay no taxes, funnel money out of countries where if I tried doing it I’d be jailed buy elections just like unions do.

    2. There are no slave owners now ! Just think about it! So why is it about being black ? There are
      thousands of black that don’t think “ I’m black so we should get more privileges then the white
      do because our ancestors were slaves “ Slavery is gone !

    3. blacks sold themselves into slavery, time to quit blaming and cryin about it. they really should bite their tongue and suck it up! they ARE their own worst enemy, excellent point. if they don’t like the US, The Constitution, or its people, PLEASE leave ASAP, WE DON’T WANT OR NEED YA… hear that Obummer, Big Mike, Kamala and/or Kamala’s double? The military has arrested you and your innocent, right? give her and her imposter/s what they have earned, however you will need to BURN the clones and send them back to Satan…

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