#2: Top Democrat ARRESTED – BOOM

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  1. Dems want to argue that voter ID and limited unsolicited mail-in voting is suppression. Yet they can’t site one instance of voter suppression in the last 10 years. You need an ID for just about anything. You needed one to get into the Democratic convention or enter a bar or buy a six pack. Its an insult to Black people (because that is who they want to claim is being suppressed) to think they can’t get an ID. If you are smart enough to vote, you are smart enough to get an ID. Just who doesn’t have one? Illegals? What a coincidence that they are flooding our country with illegals at this time.

  2. Why would any voter be against voter ID? The only reason that works is the democrats are simply cheaters. No moral person would ever vote democrat.
    The Democrat party is a Marxist group and full of under educated college graduates at best.

  3. All I can say is this is obviously how D.C. works as The Peoples house is surrounded by fencing where Dems sign bills daily that don’t represent the voice of America. Now you know what it feels like!

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