#2: Time To LEAVE – Conservatives Final Warning

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  1. The voting was rigged and dishonest. Sad and a shame.Trump will always be president in my eyes and the greatest one ever.I didn’t appreciate his choice e of words at times .But he did more for this Country than any President. So there Obama, Clinton’s ,McConnell, and Nancy Pelosi the witch who had it out to get President Trump from day 1.

  2. I agree with the advice, HOWEVER, leave your liberal ideals & values behind. After all they created the disaster you are fleeing from. WE do not want that same DISASTER to happen in a red State. You are welcome but your liberal ideals and values are not that is why we did not move to a liberal State ourselves.

  3. I’d rather have Trump’s ‘crude’ behavior and speech than the outright sell-out of America and American values by corrupt and senile old Xiden.
    And of course, the election was fraudulent. Read about Jovan Pulitzer, the tech genius who inspected Dominion voting machines. His report was BURIED by the Dumbocraps and their complicit lying media.

  4. More conservatives need to move to Texas so it doesn’t turn blue. I lived in Texas from 1973 to 1990 and it’s a great state. This state is always one step ahead of everyone else. My kids were born there. Plus “you don’t mess with TEXAS”.

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