#2: THOUSANDS Of Missing Votes Found – Then BOOM

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  1. The whole election was rigged by people like Robert Brady , firing is not good enough for them , needs to be in jail . If Biden goes into office I will never vote again , why waste time voting when the sickening democratic party buys off who ever they want to vote for their party and they are evil .Joe Biden will never never be my president and I guess I will be without a country . I will never acknowledg a pedophile , traitor and a cheat as my president .

    1. u are so right,my thoughts are the same as a Dutchie, let’s hope and PRAY that the 6th is a TURN for the TRUMP and He STAY PUT in HIS WH, MAGA2020 And all the TRUMPERS WW A GOOD 2021 ,Drain the Swamp.

  2. Pence can end this whole charade all he has to do is get off his high horse and do what is right for the USA. Don’t worry about Antifa or BLM, there is plenty of civilian patriots that will take Care of them if they start rioting. All the cops have to do is what they have done all along – nothing.

  3. Many of these people who committed voter fraud will be headed to GITMO for treason-trying to undermine our elections is treason. Biden will also be going to GITMO, executed by hanging I hope. Going to take a lot of rope to hang all the traitors.

  4. It’s amazing no one does anything about voter fraud . Pa Philadelphia is a joke . Voter fraud has been going on for DECADES . Precincts vote at 132 percent Anyone see a problem ? Bet there are at least 40 mill more votes then registered voters

  5. Why are the Republicans not filing suit against those election operatives, they need to pay a High Price and be in jail

  6. It is defiantly a terrible situation to watch (that is our only recourse as citizens) and realize that this is so deep that the entire DOJ, FBI, so called Republicans have not lifted a finger to correct this Mob and bring them to justice. Why? Because I am sure they are on the payroll of the billionaires that are behind this whole mess and it sure did not start this year.

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