#2: This Makes Me FURIOUS – Shocking Video Shows…

There’s no justice for conservatives.

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  1. When are we going to learn, you must have a well funded police force and the laws must be obeyed these jerks who go around doing this kind of junk need to be locked up in jail and lose their rights as citizens

  2. There is a Treaty in force since 1848, that declares the fact that the Americans won the Mexican war. It’s in affect today, a person wanting to be an American must apply from there own country.

  3. They aren’t getting enough attention,because of the border crisis,so they had to step up their games again!!!

    1. The democrats are responsible for keeping the people of color as slaves. They give them money, our tax money, not to work. They keep them closed in ghettos housing in the inter cities, with free or cheap rent. We Americans as free people do not believe this is right. Education is the answer to break free from oppression.

  4. We must all who believe get on our knees and also.speak up about the evil that is being done to people who want truth ,righteousness and justice

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