#2: Ted Cruz Shocker – This Is Insane

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    1. Agreed. Cu0mo is one of the great narci$$ists of all time. Additionally, how many p0liticians have left during the C0vid pan-demic or other emer-gencies to ex0tic places and done so on the [email protected] $payer$ dime? And they didn’t immediately come back like Cruz did, but lounged away endlessly in leisure. Easy to [email protected] off a number of them. And why did it take Bye-den sooo long to call a [email protected] of emer-gency, which initiates the FEMA resp0nse? Maybe because TX is a RED [email protected]?? Maybe old Sleepy was napping. Or maybe he was busy buddying up to the C0mmie Xi-man [email protected] how much he understands that [email protected] has the right 2 ter-ro-rize its own pe0ple & [email protected] over the w0rld.

      1. Yes, and early on during the insanity in Cali a bunch of San Fran politicians went to Hawaii for a snicker conference.spouses etc. funny how a something like that iOS not ever brought up.

    2. No responsibility or conscience
      Did not use almost vacant ship only because Trump brought it in.


    1. I agree, as long as he is doing his job, which he is he should be allowed time with his family and away from business. They all do it so what is the difference.

      1. Didn’t piglosi fly to Hawaii for a vacation when the government was shut down…. and she really didn’t care about the American people

  1. Now that PRESIDENT TRUMP is out of office the loony left is in dire need of a bogey man they can excoriate. The only thing that changes is the name. The vile hatred is ever present in the loony liberals in the meantime their so called leader — China Joe — is a world wide disgrace to the democraps, his family and the Country.

  2. He did nothing illegal, but the corrupt deep state government can do what they want including the murder of innocent people in the nursing homes, and it will all be covered up like everything the corrupt democratic government has done illegally they have no morals.
    America and the people don’t matter at all, they all will eventually rot in hell for their crimes against humanity.

  3. Rebecca that is absolutely correct. If he can go to Cancun during a blackout in Texas more power to him. I would have gone too if he would have invited me but since he did not that is not any as you say my business. That is his families business and I don’t need him to apologize for doing something for his own family. Now he has to get with Abbott and get this crap sorted out and get it fixed here in Texas and I have faith that he will do just that.

  4. We love Ted Cruz. He is a leader and a man of honor. It is terrible how the press is treating him. Ted Cruz has no reason to doubt his dedication to the people of Texas and the American people.

  5. Senator Ted Cruz is a great Constitutional Patriot who loves and puts America first, unlike the murderous “Governor Kavorkian” who whined and complained and blamed President Trump for everything he screwed up, while he arrogantly and STUPIDITY sent 12 thousand seniors to their imminant deaths! He then writes a book and makes a movie about how wonderful he is! What a dispicable hypocrite! Just like his little brother “Fredo”! He should be criminally charged with manslaughter at the least!

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