#2: Shocking Evidence STUNS Nation – It Wasn’t Real

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17 Responses

  1. I new all along that it was a scam. The suffering these Dems caused has been horrendous . They should all be sued for what they have done to the citizens of this Country. The sad part is there were so many that fell for it and turned on their family, friends and neighbors.

  2. It goes to say that what comes around comes around and it may come around big for all the Democrats and little miss queen nancy.

  3. Yes! We ALL know now that everything was planned WITH China in control of it. Corruption abounded greatly & America is no more. ALL you Biden VOTER”S, enjoy YOUR NEW WORLD ORDER ! Another way to put it…….WELCOME TO HELL !

  4. I never wished bad things about the people in our government but now there’s not enough paper to write them all down.
    The price of paper and food has quadrupled in price on big Companies like Amazon. I sell Fire Equipment on Amazon and if I go up to $5.00 on a listing that I can’t make a profit they suspended the listing so people can’t purchase it. Try to buy a bag of Cheese Puffs.
    Barbara’s Original Cheese Puffs, Gluten-Free, Real…
    $40.87​ per bag
    If Biden doesn’t take proper measures about this virus and the economy you won’t be able to afford a can of soup.

  5. I guess we are all suppose to believe in the tooth fairy too, what a joke they are just trying to make us believe that things are getting back to normal

  6. These governments knew if was all bs, but they want people to depend on the gov. So they can control us. This COVID19 was nothing more than a type of flu. Test results were all false, they found that the people who died had a vitiamin d defincency, plus other conditions.

  7. Anybody that doesn’t know it was all political needs to make an immediate appointment with a mental professional.

  8. Didn’t you know that Trump took the Coronavirus with him when he left the White House. It’s all good now. Nothing to worry about!

    1. Isn’t it amazing when our President Donald J Trump left office, the virus got all better across the US? But too, thousands are without jobs, babies can be killed even after they are born and can call it abortion, and men can go into the little girl’s room? Biden is one sick, demonic, evil being. I think satan himself is this low life’s daddy.

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