#2: Shock revelation: AOC completely humiliated

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  1. What a performance! Hey AOC go to Hollywood, I am sure they can put you into one of their despicable stupid movies. Get real or get out! You have swamp stench on you already! To lie straight up is so typical of the left. YOU WERE NOT EVEN THERE!

  2. It’s a toss up regarding who is the “most unrealistic” person, AOC or Pelosi. AOC needed to be canned long before now. Did she actually think she wouldn’t be called out on her lie?? She is as crazy as all the others. Please Heaven help us.

  3. AOC (all out cheater),
    You were not even in the Capitol building; so how dare you come up with blatant LIES. Haven’t you done enough damage to the American people.
    Resign, right now or we will make you.

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