#2: Shock Border Video Emerges – I Can’t Believe My Eyes

How is this happening?


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7 Responses

  1. Jim Jordan is right but who is listening…. there is gonna be bloodshed and fast ….. this is the death wish of the Dems……

  2. The border should have never been reopened, president Trump had it taken care of and stopped a lot of things from happening there. Now Biden has a free flow of illegals crossing over with covid, drugs, human trafficking and who knows what else. They started this way as soon as they heard Biden won. In interviews the illegals said they were coming because Biden said he would take care of them. Now Americans and American people’s jobs are in danger. About 100,000 crossed in February alone, more than obama’s administration and that was 8 years. Now NASA being used to “store” them so they can be released with a “ok, we’ll be at court” they will be gone and not seen again. Everyone that voted for this puppet president needs to house 5 illegals permanently with no extra money for them. The DemonRats are destroying the country and don’t care about Americans. They just want those votes to retain power.

    1. You are so right!!
      Stop the border illegal invasion!
      Stop the cartels moneymaking scheme.
      Stop the human trafficking!
      Finish the wall and follow the law with legal immigration
      Stop punishing legal applications who have waited years to immigrate the RIGHT WAY.
      Stop the invasion of Texas, Arizona, etc. borders with this madness.

  3. I agree with Rep. Jim Jordan but I seriously doubt the Biden administration will take any action. They will blame U.S. citizens if “war” breaks out at the southern border and it probably will, at least, sufficiently to cause bloodshed.

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