#2: She Just Signed The Bill – Democrats Go Ballistic

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  1. The “Right to Life is a God Given Right” not something any human has a right to change. When you do challenge Gods laws you are fighting God. When you destroy any form of a child, no matter whether it is an egg or a higher form of a child, you are destroying (killing) a child of God. No one can fight God and win. So why make sure that when you die that you get a free ride to God’s jail called “The Lake of Burning Fire and Brimstone”, where you will get to live for eternity in heat, complete darkness and mental anguish. Common sense tells us that that would be the height of stupidity.

    “Any person” that decides that he is smarter than God will get this free ride and a new spiritual body to boot. Do you think you are really smarter than God? Or, do you, in your heart and soul, not believe in the God who caused you to be made?

    God gave you the right to make the decision to believe Him and in His Son or not. Those who do believe in Him and His Son, get a free ride to the heaven God created for His elect children for eternity. Which do you think is the correct common sense answer?

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