#2: Ron DeSantis and Kristi Noem – Media Is Panicking



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8 Responses

  1. Exactly when will somebody in authority grow a pair and call the last election exactly the illegal power grab that it was? I mean, the Supreme Court won’t even touch it. If something doesn’t happen soon with our “elected” civil government, the next stop on this “hand basket to hell” is probably going to be a military coup. Joint Chiefs, are you listening? China Joe has all the power AND the nuke codes. He is being handled by a bunch of swamp creatures that could give a diddly damn about this country or it’s military. All they want is power… the kind of power to bring down America to their level.

  2. All the DemocRATS are squirming ,they know they are all losers in the next election. They can go home and collect their illgotten monies they collected while in office!!!!!

  3. Ron DeSantis and Christy Nome are very brave people! God is with them! They will STAND for what is right! Wanna move anywhere, move to their States! Both of them are outstanding! I live in Florida and love my Governor, Ron DeSantis! Wisdom and knowledge are so difficult to deny in this world of Lies, upon Lies!

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