#2: Republicans Strike Back – This Is Awesome

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13 Responses

  1. Great move. Hit back and hit hard. Just like what is being commented “hit them where it hurts in their pocket book” Awesome!!!!!

  2. the best way to control the big boys ,is to hurt them where it hurts them the most is in there pocket Book ?big boys should stay out of the states government when the government it trying protect a good voting laws .all of the red states should follow the same program laws and things like cant happen again .you all know the communist party just took our country away from the God loving people .just remember the voting machines robed us in 2021 it must not do it again /lets get the senate and the house so we can send the left wing communist back home where it was hatched from we need a free country and stop this fear factory the communist party is pushing us to beleive .one thing that is a factor in life ?if we show love well get love back and we push hate hate we will have hate /and the thing that china and russia loves //hate one and a nother !!!

  3. These companies should mind their own business and stay out of politics. Good for the Republicans. And excuse me, if I had to show a picture ID to get a library card, unless your hiding something there is nothing wrong with showing ID when voting. I love it.

  4. Am a Georgian. Am proud of our representatives. They did a fine job. If the Braves went along with removing the all star game their tax brakes need to be repealed even if we have to wait until the next session. Having to record a DL number on an absentee ballot is not repressing votes unless you can’t read. If that is the case you should not be voting. I can remember voting for the first time for president in 1960. I spent several hours in line and had to show my drivers license. I was proud to be able to vote. We have better options to vote early now. We can even vote on Sunday. Thank you Gov. Kemp!!

    1. I wont drink coke cola ever again or fly Delta.
      No Facebook, or twitter, or Google, go to Duck Duck go for new server.
      Amazon is next with Khols an all unamerican companies.

    1. We need to oppose all there globalist corporations that want to destroy our nation and our people!

  5. Biden is a disgrace yo all Christians anotion is not accepted for him to state he the best catholic president is a lie ABORTION IS A SIN THOU SHALL NOT KILL he should be excommicated and I praise the priest for not allowing him to recieve commion was the right and moral discission .

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