#2: Media Is RIGGING It – Red ALERT

Do not, I repeat, DO NOT believe anything the media says about Biden’s approval ratings.

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  1. I never believed he had a approval rating of 59%, I know it’s more like 36 %
    Too many Americans are not happy with his policies and him self.
    And all we see is a demented man that is unfit to serve the people of American and the mess he
    Has made of our southern border, america can do better than what we have in our WH now.
    He has a history of lying, crimes, and failed policies ,
    He is doing all this due to the hate of DJT, and the people are paying of it.
    The people feel like he needs to be investigated for criminal acts. with China,Ukraine , etc alone with his son Hunter.

    1. He and most dem and news media are all criminals they want our country to.be ruined by the communist party we have to stop them somehow where are the real real goodvrep and drm that want our great country back

  2. I never believed he was anything more than in the 30’s if he is lucky.those numbers are the left putting out these .any one with common sense knows this .I never believe poll #’s anyway.

  3. We already know most lie to try and make them look good.Very few people believe they rate high, just look at what they do daily. Then you have pelosi trying to get rid of people she doesn’t pick, on top of that Maxine Waters is doing her best to help out antifa and BLM. She wants to see and keeps on the people until there is bloodshed. This is Maxine’s second time, the other is when she had a microphone telling people to hold Trumps voters responsible and confront them anywhere they see them, cause a ruckus.

  4. Maybe they put the decimal point in the wrong spot and it should be .59% approval rating, I don’t believe half of what the media says and I ignore the rest

  5. I became aware during president Bush’s terms that there were many msm outlets l could no longer believe. That number has only gotten bigger as more and more have become biased and frankly untrustworthy. I don’t appreciate the ones who are sanctimonious and l don’t like the degrading names they call President Trump’s supporters! So, no, I don’t believe bidens supposed approval numbers one bit!

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