#2 Media IGNORES Horrific News – They’re Disgusting

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  1. The Democratic Propaganda News Media only reports what the big boys tell them. Mostly because they are not real journalists and don’t know how to do the job, they are just talking heads.

  2. I feel they have condemned conservatives before their was an investigation I believe Ms.Babbit gave her life for her country for something she believed in or she would not have been there my heart breaks for her. But I also believe their were hidden forces there that caused this needless death and it needs to be investigated before you start pointing fingers..

  3. The Media is an extention of the Chinese Communist Party(notorious for human rights violations) ie. the Present day Democrat party and therefore a propaganda machine. Even big Tech is part of this monopoly of the narrative expressed in what is called MSM (Main Stream Media). It is main stream because all the big money people do so much business with China are so heavily vested that they own and control all of the major networks, most all politicians mostly Democrats but a large number of Republicans too, and therefore, the narrative. You will never get truth or honest investigation from any of these outlets.

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