#2: Liz Cheney STUNNED By News – She’s OUT

Well, what did she think?

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  1. Liz c should step down. She is a rhino, as was her father. Also probably involved with Helibreton (sp?) all the time he was V.P. with GW.

    1. She will not. She has power and wishes to keep it. The GOP in her state needs to build up a conservative primary candidate and support that candidate. They should not support Cheney under any circumstances.. If Chenet still wins in the general, don’t vote for her. It is better to have an enemy in your face than behind you.

  2. It appears the old saying: The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Her father was a Rhino in many respects and better known as a war criminal along with “W” in the WMD baloney and the ‘Yellow cake’ lies they told the american people and congress to get a go a head reason to have thousands of our boys killed and over 100.000 men women and Iraqi children killed during the gulf war. For the good of the country impeach her!

  3. I agree with all the comments so far, don’t vote for her, there is no room for her in the Republican party, go over to the left you traitor, go join the squad you’ll fit in there just fine (HEN)

  4. Liz Cheney has never been a Wyoming resident. She grew up in east and learned the lessons of the swamp her whole life. Found an opening when the representative retired and she dived in winning on the back of her dad. She is a swamp “Hooker” like Romney who packed their carpetbags and moved west to take advantage of those of us who respect a person when they claim a position only to realize they have been lied to. We westerners need to distrust every tramp who moves west and asks for our vote.

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