#2: Lefties Are WRONG Again – Not A SINGLE Documented…

Well, well, look at that.

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  1. Read that the senior death rate per year before COVID was about the same as now with COVID.
    This commie site will censor actual facts. Watch what you say.

  2. Does CDC stand for Center for Disease Control or Center for Democrat Control? Corona virus is very nasty, but the restrictions being placed are ridiculous. The H1N1 virus is/was also very bad. I’m not sure how many died from it because no one was keeping tabs. We are turning into such a nation of germaphobes we will lose all immunity to everything. I hate the Covid Virus and what it has done to so many elderly and people with pre-existing conditions that make them more vulnerable; but, people, we are being played. Look at how many times old Faux-ci has changed his narrative – from masks not necessary to wear 2. Give me a break. I got the 2 shots because I am in my middle 70’s and my husband will not get vaccinated (he won’t even take the regular, yearly, flu vaccine) and if I got it and gave it to him or any of my older friends or friends with other medical conditions, I would never forgive myself.

  3. Fauci needs to go out to pasture. He is wishy, washy. He is like Kerry and gore he was for something before he was against it. First we didn’t mask, but now we kneed two mask. If Fauci is honest the only thing these mask are for is to catch a sneeze or cough. Asbestos fibers are ten times larger than the COVID germ.

  4. The big tech companies that helped the election along don’t want the covid to end.. people won’t need the internet as much then.. can not have people going out to the store and buying something… now you don’t hear the covid deaths as the daily report..

    1. and that’s why you and I have to be on top of it!!!!!!!! because what the media puts out will always be lies!!!!!!!!!!!!

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