#2: Joe Biden’s Handlers SHOCKED – He Confesses All

Biden isn’t making his own decisions. And he just admitted it on camera.

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12 Responses

  1. It is a puppet show. The puppeteers need to be removed from behind the curtain & he will fall. again.

  2. We are the the leader of the free world and our leader does not know where he is or what he is talking about Biden is a disgrace to our country he is the creation of the democrat party. This is what we got for the fraud in the election process Biden and the democrats are going to destroy our great Republic it is so sad for me to watch our country be destroyed when Trump had fixed our immigration, energy capable with out middle eastern oil, Keystone pipeline for clean transportation of oil. Made piece in the middle east did not start wars, ended isis he was the greatest president ever and now we have dementia man. It is so sad what is happening to our country now that Biden is in office.

    1. Who says they did? Looks to me as if the democrats fabricated enough votes to win the election while the republicans were honest. The real shame is the federal courts and their refusal to consider the evidence.

    2. Either the people that voted for him were not listening to what the democRATS planned to do to our country or were just plain stupid.

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