#2: Jesse Watters Goes Nuclear – I Love This

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  1. Listen up – -the lamestream media propaganda machine has NOT told US the truth, since the start of the Vietnam War in 1964 and every year, they just get worse.

    1. That is the absolute Truth, I served during the sixties and after my time, I remember after I came home the News every evening putting out their lies!

  2. Media figures lying to the public or distorting the truth should be tried and convicted as felons, appropriate prison time and fines imposed and prevented from holding a position of trust for the balance of their lives.

    1. 1775 thru 1783 we picked up arms to build America and gain our freedom. It was called the American Revolution, also known as the United States War of Independence or the American Revolutionary War. It’s time again to fight for our freedom. Make no mistake, with Biden and the democrats in office, your freedom is gone. Were 74 million strong. It’s time again.

  3. CNN, they love joe, he is holding out his hands like an angel, embracing America. A love Story, oh I guess he is a love story and if we really knew all about the LOVE he would be in JAIL? These people have a Rude Awakening coming.

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