#2: IMPEACHMENT Announcement – He’s Gotta Go

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  1. It is telling, that now that the American heathens and Communist have decided it is time to show their true selves! Any true Patriot will have no excuse to vote for any of them. They must be defeated at all cost, and God’s righteousness reinstalled in America!

  2. Why would anyone even suggest this to a child… if they can do this…. why not let them drink beer if they want, do any or all drugs they want. Drive cars as soon as they can… this country is in the toilet right now..

  3. I guess AMERICANS really need another war to start. Like always nothing gets done about getting rid of those DAMOCRAPS . if there brains were DYNOMITE THEY still would not have enough to blow their nose!!!

  4. I see this site pulled my first comment ANOUT most DAMOCRAPS DESERVE a firing squad. And the rest in prison for 5 life terms. With no possibility of perol .

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