#2: Hunter Biden Emerges From Hiding – You Won’t Believe What He Is Doing

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12 Responses

  1. Merrick B. Garland the Attorney General for the Department of Justice is only a puppet to Joe Biden he does not have a backbone to investigate a crying monkey. We all know nothing will ever be done about the Bidens, Clintons and Obama wrong doings.

  2. So Biden’s son has decided to come out of the basement feel sorry for anyone who has to listen to him, I notice that not very much is being said anymore about him and his lap top guess it will be a big coverup by the democrats

  3. I think every conservative should start a writing campaign to the University complaining about them hiring him the crackhead We can also be the cancel culture

    1. Hope no one signs up for it. Let’s see if we have people smart enough to not sign up. He can talk to an empty room as much as he wants. LOL

    2. Both Biden’s should be in prison for Treason, but as with ALL Marxist Communist Democrat Leaders that sell out country out, like The Clintons, Obama, Pelosi, Schiff, Hanoi Jane Fonda, Kerry, and both Pres Biden and son, Hunter, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING will.be done by the
      DOJ. Sickening. Unconscionable. There is NO JUSTICE when it comes to Marxist Communist Democrat Leadership. Investigations, but NEVER indictments, trials, convictions, or sentencing. Ever !!

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