#2: Hannity BREAKS The News – This Is A Travesty

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  1. Gee now we have the “winter of love” these jerks need to be arrested and locked away, after their day in court

    1. I agree! However, I don’t think we have enough jails to arrest them. They know this, so they just keep on doing what they’ve been doing. Until they are stopped, they will keep on..

  2. Is their a “legal” reason that were not arrested, or is some politician just breaking the law, so that he/she can be arrested?? They want to play, let’s play too.

    1. Trump sent federal agents to help and mayor Wheeler and the DEVIL GOVERNOR told them to leave. Offered to send National Gard same thing. THEY DO NOTHING THEY CALL THIS PEACEFUL GATHERING.
      THIS IS BIDENS NEW UNITY, they arrest them but the DA is part of them.. No convictions and released back to the streets for more. Some have been arrested several times

  3. Don’t you know that there’s to set of laws, one for the dems ( everything they do is fine ) and one for everyone else ( do as they say or suffer the consequences ). When will people open their eyes and see that they are dividing us like the old saying divide and conquer. They will not be happy till Americans are divided and at war. I just hope people realize what is happening and clean the swamp on both parties !!

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