#2: Fire Fauci Movement Is EXPLODING – He’s In Trouble

At the time of publishing #FireFauci is trending on Twitter with over 25,000 tweets! Let’s keep the ball rolling!

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4 Responses

  1. Fauci wouldn’t know true science if it struck him between the eyes. About the only big mistake Trump made in all this pandemic hysteria was not firing him early on.

  2. The liberals are trying to control our free speech. Today they tried in congress to control the news outlets . The last thing America needs is any political group, federal or state run news. This is what China does ( the communist countries do this ). I can`t believe they had a committee bring this up. Another waste of time and tax payers money. We didn`t elect any of them to waste time and money trying to destroy Trump or anyone else. If this is what they spend their time doing we need to replace everyone of them. When the democrats accuses they are the ones doing it.

  3. I hate big tech I hate Democrats there bringing our country down since the walking dead man and the Demacrats got in. They hate American and they are proving it the walking dead man got millions of our people laid off and laughing about it. As fra as Im concerned the country I fought for years ago is about gone because of the Democrats that hate the USA they want to destroy our great country. Why they are still in office I don’t know why unti they destroy America they won’t leave office until they destroy America. I hate Democrats biden and harris’Please Lord make them sorry fot trying to destroy the USA. I knowt hey will pay a heavy price for what they are doing for all there hatred for the USA. I pray to God he will make our country better. John

    1. John, until the 70+ million who voted for President Trump rise up and using force take back our country it will be completely destroyed! The Demorats keep putting people out of work with no income, where are they going to get the money to fund their pet projects? We need to hit them in THEIR pocketbooks!!!

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